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How a headset can bring a laugh to life

The evolution of an Internet laugh


It’s an abbreviation for “laughing out loud.” Many use it in instant messaging and texting as a fast way to add a little emotion to your IMs. You read it and you know you’ve made someone laugh—even if you couldn’t be there. Nice, but not quite the real thing.

With a headset, you can turn those IMs into Internet calls. All those LOLs become real live laughing out loud. You hear every giggle, laugh, howl, and roar right as it happens.

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Throw a webcam into the mix and your Internet calls become video calls.

With a video call, you don’t just hear your friends and family laughing—you see it. Pure happiness and whatever other emotions they’re feeling. You might discover that your jokes don’t actually make anyone roll on the floor laughing, but it’s all worth it.

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