Windows® RT

Standard USB mice and keyboards will work in Windows RT but are limited to the following functions.

For mice, the following functions are supported in Windows RT: 

  • Left click
  • Right click
  • Middle click*
  • Back/forward buttons for navigating Web pages
  • Scrolling

For keyboards, the following F-keys and hot keys are supported in Windows RT, although they may not work with all applications or in all situations:

  • Volume up/down
  • Mute
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Next/previous track 
  • Lock PC
  • Shutdown
  • Sleep
  • Application Switcher
  • Document Flip
  • Back
  • Forward
  • Mail
  • Media Player
  • Pictures
  • Zoom

Functions that require Logitech software, such as on-screen notifications when you press caps lock or num lock on your keyboard, or when your mouse or keyboard batteries run low, will not work since Logitech SetPoint software cannot be installed on Windows RT2**. It’s also not possible to reassign the functions of your mouse or keyboard buttons on Windows RT.

* Middle click functionality depends on the app you are using. For example, middle clicking on a link in a web page usually opens the link in a new tab. Not all applications support middle click.

** Windows RT does not support installation software containing drivers, including Logitech SetPoint.