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A second life for your Logitech product

A lost or broken part of your Logitech product needn’t cost you a whole new one. Find the spare part you’re looking for right here.


Receivers, mice

Leg Replacement L & R, Illuminated Keyboard

PN 993-000592

2.00 GBP

Battery Door, Touch Mouse M600

PN 993-000591

2.00 GBP

Carrying Pouch, Logitech Cube

PN 993-000593

5.00 GBP

USB Recharching Cable, Logitech Cube

PN 993-000594

Receiver, Unifying

PN 993-000439

10.00 GBP

Receiver - VX Nano, V450 Nano, V550 Nano
Receiver, M215 and M305

PN 993-000438

10.00 GBP

Receiver, Gaming Mouse G700

PN 993-000404

10.00 GBP

Unifying Receiver, Wireless Mouse M560

PN 993-000750

10.00 GBP

USB charging cable, Ultra Thin Touch Mouse T630/T631

PN 993-000858

5.00 GBP

Receivers, Cordless Desktop

Receiver, diNovo Edge The M/N number on the bottom of the keyboard is Y-RAY81

PN 993-000166

10.00 GBP

USB Dongle Extender, (for eg. Wireless Solar Keyboard K750)

PN 993-000523

5.00 GBP

Receiver, Wireless Combo MK320

PN 993-000560

10.00 GBP

Receiver, Wireless Combo MK260

PN 993-000559

10.00 GBP


AC Adaptor, Performance Mouse MX (UK), Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 (UK)

PN 993-000303

10.00 GBP

Stand, Extension Replacement, USB Receiver Extender Cable

PN 993-000293

5.00 GBP

Mice Feet Replacement, Performance Mouse MX.
The part number on the bottom of the mouse is 810-001472.

PN 993-000318

2.00 GBP

Ball (Blue), Wireless Trackball 570

PN 993-000518

5.00 GBP

Leg Replacement L & R, Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

PN 993-000520

2.00 GBP

Rubber Leg Replacement, Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

PN 993-000521

2.00 GBP

Receiver, R400/R700/R800 Presenter
(Presenters R-R0008 / R-R0010 / R-R0009 )
M/N: C-U0014

PN 993-000911

10.00 GBP

Toolbox - V550
Storage box - V550

PN 993-000138

1.50 GBP