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Logitech celebrates billionth mouse

Logitech celebrates billionth mouse

A billion mice. It's a major milestone for Logitech and a signal of the continuing importance of the computer mouse.

A pioneer in the development of the computer mouse in the 1980s, Logitech has enthusiastically driven nearly every major innovation in mouse technology – persistently refining this ubiquitous interface between people and their digital experiences.

(Click image to view the production of our billionth mouse)


Available Press Materials

For more information about this milestone, download our press kits and multimedia assets:

Press Kits include: 
• Press release
• Fun facts about the computer mouse
• Historical timeline of the computer mouse
• Visual timeline of Logitech mouse milestones
• Logitech's thoughts on the future of computer navigation
• Logitech logo

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Press kit (Chinese, Traditional) >>
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Multimedia Assets

Billionth mouse production
(short version)

Download (ZIP 219MB)

Billionth mouse b-roll

Download (ZIP 880 MB)

Our mice over the years

Download (ZIP, English only)

Our mice that didn't make it

Download (PDF, English only)

Doug Engelbart
(interview, image)

Download (ZIP, English only)