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Broadcasting live on Ustream

Direct broadcasting on Ustream requires a quick, one-time setup to link the camera to your Ustream account and Wi-Fi network. Once complete, you are ready to go live:

Broadcast to Ustream Directly from the Camera

Once connected to your Wi-Fi network, broadcast directly from the camera to your Ustream channel by pressing the “Start” button.

Manage broadcast using the Broadcaster app on a Mac, iPad or iPhone

For full control, you can also broadcast directly to Ustream by using the Broadcaster app that can be installed on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. See below for app interface and descriptions of key features.


Broadcaster App Interface (Mac Version)

Note that some features available in the Mac version of the app are not available in the iPad or iPhone versions. See table below for more information.

Broadcaster App Features by Device







Broadcast to Ustream

See viewer comments

Adjust exposure, mic gain, and broadcast resolution

Post Ustream link to Facebook and Twitter

Launch Ustream channel page with browser



Respond to viewers in real time




Record video directly to Apple devices

Adjust exposure, mic gain, and recording resolution

Still image capture



Dual-camera recording (Broadcaster and iSight)



In-app video trimming


In-app one-click sharing to Facebook and YouTube



Compatible with Skype and other video services



One-touch camera switching on Skype




Edit recorded video in iMovie or Final Cut Pro