What is Darkfield?

Precise cursor control on virtually any surface—even glass.

A glass desk or shiny table shouldn’t stand in the way of your ability to work or play.

With Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking™, you’ve got better precision on a wider range of surfaces. That means clear glass (4 mm minimum thickness) and lacquered desks—surfaces that stump optical mice and standard laser mice—are no obstacle. 

Watch the new Logitech mice track on glass now.

Learn more about Darkfield.

Anywhere Mouse M905

You work everywhere. And now your mouse does, too.

The Anywhere Mouse M905 is ready for almost anything, anywhere you go.


Anywhere means use it on virtually any surface. A glass hotel table. The back of your laptop bag balanced on your lap.

So wherever you’re headed and whatever you’re mousing on, the world is your mouse pad.

Performance Mouse MX™(M950)

The mouse without limits

With the Performance Mouse MX™(M950), nothing stands in your way. You can conquer any surface and task without a second thought.


With your Logitech Performance Mouse M950, you’ve got the power to achieve.