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Protective case with any-angle stand


Protective case with any-angle stand

Rs. 3,195.00

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  • AnyAngle
  • AnyAngle
  • AnyAngle
  • AnyAngle
  • Flip. Bend. Set. And get comfy.

    Set your iPad at any angle within 50 degrees or perfectly flat—to create a comfortable viewing angle no matter what you do.
  • Hold steady

    The powerful hidden hinge keeps your iPad at the exact angle you set until YOU adjust it again.
  • Feel the attraction

    Hidden magnets keep the stand secure so you can pick up and move your iPad without disrupting your viewing angle.
  • Protect your iPad

    AnyAngle™ is designed to take on bumps, resist scratches and weather spills all thanks to the Logitech Essential Protection System.
Additional Features
  • AnyAngle fits every style too.

    With six color combinations, it’s easy to find the perfect match.
  • Life is full of angles.

    Take them on with the case that covers them all.
  • Dimensions

      iPad Air 2

      • Height: 183.8 mm (7.24 in)
      • Width: 252.8 mm (9.95 in)
      • Depth: 14.3 mm (0.56 in)
      • Weight: 342 g (12.06 oz)

      iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3

      • Height: 146.5 mm (5.77 in)
      • Width: 210.5 mm (8.29 in)
      • Depth: 14.8 mm (0.58 in)
      • Weight: 242 g (8.53 oz)

    System Requirements

      iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3

  • Technical Specifications

    • Auto wake/sleep feature wakes iPad when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close it.
  • Package Contents

    • Case
    • Documentation

    Warranty Information

    1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

    Part Number

    for iPad mini

    Black: PN 939-001117

    Red/Blue: PN 939-001160

    Teal: PN 939-001165

    Violet: PN 939-001170

    Grey: PN 939-001200

    Yellow: PN 939-001205

    for iPad Air 2

    Red/Blue: PN 939-001142

    Black: PN 939-001114

    Yellow: PN 939-001195

    Grey: PN 939-001190

    Violet: PN 939-001152

    Teal: PN 939-001147