Carl Zeiss and Logitech: Bringing you a better lens for better webcam images.

A focus on the lens

If your webcam’s lens isn’t good, your image quality won’t be good either—no matter how many megapixels you’ve got.

At Logitech, we want you to have the best image quality—not just the highest resolution images. That’s why we teamed up with Carl Zeiss, a leader in the optics industry since 1849, to bring you a better webcam lens.

More light, better images

A webcam lens captures the light that the sensor then transforms into the image you see. You need a high-quality lens to capture more light and produce the best images. Together with Carl Zeiss, we created an advanced lens design to give you more clarity and less distortion.

An updated classic

Our Carl Zeiss webcam lens is a new take on their Tessar® lens design. While the original Tessar design was patented back in 1902, it’s the most famous camera lens for a reason. It delivers sharp images in a compact, lightweight form—which also happens to make it perfect for webcams.

To bring you the best webcam images possible, Logitech and Carl Zeiss turned the classic four-element Tessar design into a five-element design. Two of the lenses in the lens stack are cemented together to focus the light onto the sensor with maximum detail and minimal distortion. You can see the difference in your images.