Force feedback. Feel it.

Hold on to your seat.

Much more than just non-directional vibration feedback or “rumble”, force feedback accurately reflects the action of your game. Bouncing off the wall at Daytona? Taking flak above Dresden? With force feedback, you’ll feel it.

Drive better

You can tune your car to max out its horsepower. You can drive day and night to hone your skills. But road conditions can only be transmitted through the feel of the steering wheel you’re using.

On top of accurately registering collisions, a force feedback wheel can provide subtle information about how your car is performing. Throttle too hard and you’ll feel your tires starting to lose grip. Lose control of the car’s rear end and the wheel will fight against you as you counter-steer to regain control.

With force feedback wheels for PC gaming—for the Wii® and PLAYSTATION® platforms—and even for those with limited space (or concerned about living room décor), we have a wheel for you.

See force feedback wheels for PLAYSTATION®3

Fly better

Whether you’re in an airborne battle , or just keeping your flight skills sharp, the value of a good flight simulator depends on its level of realism.

You’ll feel the rock and sway as you taxi to the runway. In the air, you’ll feel wind sheer as well as turbulence and buffeting. And in the heat of battle, you’ll know when you’ve been hit or when you’ve hit someone else and the blast buffets your cockpit. Ready to take flight?