USB speakers. Pure sound that’s pure simplicity.

Better sound and then some

Music, movies, games, and YouTube videos—you’ve got a whole lot of reasons to want better sound for your computer. USB speakers can give you that and more, including information, such as track info.

Sayonara, soundcard

You already know the speakers that came with your computer aren’t the best. But that’s not the whole story. Some integrated soundcards can cause distortion and noise even with good speakers. With USB speakers, the quality of your soundcard just doesn’t matter. In fact, you don’t even need one. They deliver pure digital audio straight from the source—without any hiss.

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USB can deliver more than audio—it can deliver information, too. And that means USB speakers have the potential to do some cool stuff. Like display track info and e-mail alerts in an LCD screen or let you switch songs right from your speaker.

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Take it easy

No need to settle for mediocre sound when you’re on the go with your notebook. Our portable USB speakers deliver sound and power with one cord—so you don’t have to search for an outlet or carry another power cord.

Hear more. Play better.

Today’s games are about much more than dots on a screen. And in-game sound isn’t just an effect. It’s a critical component of game play. Our USB headphones and speaker systems surround you with aural information, faithfully and realistically.

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