Playing with the GamePanel™ LCD

Knowledge is power

When it’s time to kill the Shadow Council in Terokkar Forest or to place Dhar Charm conduits around the Watchtower on The Blighted Isle, the gear you take into battle can make the difference between a guild-advancing victory and a slaughtering defeat.

For those of you who could benefit from a little extra intelligence—and who couldn’t?—the Logitech® GamePanel™ LCD may be the answer to your prayers, er… incantations.

Check out some of the games that work with GamePanel.

Built in to several of our gaming keyboards and gameboards, GamePanel allows you to keep an eye on real-time information such as player rank, server IP, score, times, health status, and ammunition levels in over 35 supported games.

GamePanel can also help you check to make sure your system is performing up to speed, and can even provide media/music information, deliver e-mail notifications, plus lots more.

Not just for gameplay anymore

GamePanel also supports a variety of applets, allowing you to view YouTube videos, instant message conversations, and Tweets from Twitter.

Your GamePanel now supports voice communication programs like Ventrilo™ —commonly used in team games such as Battlefield 2142™ and World of Warcraft®. When you use one of these programs, you’ll see the name of the person who is currently speaking, the names of people who recently joined or quit the server, and other useful information on the GamePanel while you play.

Extend your abilities

Script jockeys, rejoice. GamePanel software supports a macro-scripting feature in the G-series Keyboard Profiler.

So if programming your average macros wasn’t enough for you, scripting allows you to recreate virtually any combination of keystrokes, macros, mouse movements, time delays, and more.

The scripting feature in the software uses the powerful Lua scripting language, which is a standard used by several games—including World of Warcraft and Crysis—to give players flexible, real-time customization.