Wireless gaming peripherals set you free.

You’re free to sit where you please. To move around. To keep cords off your floor. And to store your peripherals wherever you want. When you choose Logitech wireless gaming peripherals, you’re free to enjoy gaming your way.

A liberating experience

You can relax in your favorite chair while you play—even if it’s far away. You can work the room and put on a show with your wireless microphone or guitar controller. You’re no longer tethered to your console or computer. You’re free to make your move.

Nothing to get in your way

With our wireless peripherals, there’s nothing to come between you and victory. No worrying about people and pets tripping over your cord. Or lags or dropouts slowing you down. Our 2.4 GHz connection gives you smooth, precise control that you can count on to keep you in the game. And devices with Bluetooth® take advantage of your console’s capabilities to save a USB port.