SetPoint™ Software

Logitech SetPoint software lets you personalize the settings of your mouse or keyboard so your favorite functions are just a click away. You’ll want to install SetPoint if:

  • You want to change what the buttons on your mouse do. SetPoint lets you assign a variety of functions to your mouse buttons, including the new Windows® 8 features listed below.
  • Your mouse has more than 5 buttons. Windows has built-in support for five-button mice, but if your mouse has more than five buttons then you’ll need to install SetPoint to support the extra buttons. If your mouse is a Logitech G-Series gaming mouse then you will need to install Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) instead of SetPoint.
  • Your mouse has a tilt wheel and you want to use it to scroll left and right in traditional Windows desktop applications like Microsoft Excel.
  • You want to assign shortcuts for common Windows 8 functions to your keyboard’s F-keys.

Mouse functions built into Windows 8

SetPoint is not required for the following mouse functions that are built into Windows 8: 

  • Left click
  • Right click
  • Middle click*
  • Back/forward buttons for navigating Web pages
  • Scrolling**

If you want to assign other functions to your mouse buttons, then you can use SetPoint to change the functionality of your mouse buttons.

Additionally, if your mouse has a tilt wheel, it will work in most Windows 8 style applications, but you will need SetPoint if you want to scroll horizontally in traditional Windows desktop applications.

Windows 8 shortcuts for mice & keyboards

You can assign the following features to the F-keys on your keyboard, the middle mouse button, or additional mouse buttons if your Logitech mouse has them. Except for Show Desktop, these functions only work in Windows 8. 

  • Start Screen: When Start screen is assigned to a mouse button or keyboard key, pressing the button will take you directly the Start screen. A second press will take you back to your previous location.
  • Show Desktop: Takes you to the desktop in Windows 8. Minimizes open application windows in Windows 7.
  • Switch Applications: This function cycles through your open applications one at a time with each button press.
  • Charms: Opens the Windows 8 Charms bar.
  • App Bar: Opens the App Bar in Windows 8-style applications.

Download SetPoint

* Middle click functionality depends on the app you are using. For example, middle clicking on a link in a web page usually opens the link in a new tab. Not all applications support middle click.

** Side-to-side scrolling only works with Windows 8 style applications; most traditional Windows desktop applications require SetPoint for side-to-side scrolling.