For Faster, Smoother HD Video:
H.264 Compression in Logitech HD Webcams

Share a video travelogue on Facebook™ or YouTube™. Email your mom a record of your child’s first steps. Without the long, long, long wait for the video to upload. Catch up with a friend through a video call. Without seeing the choppy call on your display.

It’s time for video to move quickly. Fast video uploads and smooth video calls. Without sacrificing the razor-sharp quality of HD. That’s where Logitech HD webcams featuring H.264 compression enter the picture.

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What is H.264?

H.264 is a standardized digital format for compressing high-definition, high-bitrate video. It can transform a large, raw video file into one that requires about half the space of the MPEG-2 format (the standard for a DVD-quality video). And H.264 is versatile. It can vary the amount of compression to meet the requirements of ISPs, Web sites as well as devices, including your laptop.

Why does compression matter?

Consider an elephant trying to squeeze into a mouse hole. The raw HD video recorded through your webcam or digital camera can take up tremendous space on a hard drive—gigabytes you probably need for other files. And Internet sites, including Facebook and YouTube, and ISPs such as Comcast and ATT have file-size requirements. Raw HD video can often be too large for the sites and ISPs.

What’s more, even if a video can squeeze in, the larger the file, the longer it takes to upload. So if you want to share a video in a timely manner, you’ll want to put your elephant on a crash diet. And compress.

How does H.264 work?

Video is a stream of individual pictures or frames. H.264 removes reuses redundant information from the stream. Each frame is divided into tiny blocks of one quarter of a pixel, for precise analysis. When processing a frame, the compressing agent (the encoder) searches the blocks on the previous frame just encoded and the next one in line. It figures out what’s the same and what has changed. It then eliminates the redundant information. The process is repeated throughout the stream.

That action compresses the file size significantly–more than even MPEG-4. When the video is played, the decoder in the playback device pulls reassembles the information from multiple frames to complete the Hi-Def picture.

How does H.264 work with a Logitech webcam?

Seamlessly. Turn on the camera. Lights. Action. Video is captured with the webcam’s sensor, digitized and compressed with H.264. The video data is then sent through a USB cable to your computer for viewing. For a call. For Facebook. For YouTube. For the hard drive. For Mom. Extremely fast. In amazing HD.

Is H.264 better than other compression methods?

See for yourself.

This is a raw high-bitrate frame.

This is a leading compression solution. Notice the blocks. Loss of detail. And blending.

This is H.264. No blocks. No loss of detail. No blending. Just HD quality at a low bitrate—that’s fast and smooth. When you want HD video without the high-def hassels, Logitech HD webcams with H.264 compression deliver.

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