Introducing the new color collection from Logitech

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We reached out across the globe to bring you the all-new Logitech Color Collection. Inspired by the world’s most vibrant colors and diversity of cultures, these fashionable designs come in an array of styles to fit every taste. So, express yourself and celebrate your own unique pattern with the Logitech Color Collection. Different. Dynamic. And distinctively yours.
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Ink Gears
Jimmy Rinnick. Ireland.

I was trying to capture something both intimate and universal. The overall look is quite familiar but hopefully the elements not so much.
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Ink Gears   White/Purple Paisley
Evgeny Kiselev. Russia. 

Sometimes, before work, I close my eyes and mind takes me to the memories of my childhood. In those days I loved to read and listen to folk tales and legends. In one of them was a story about the Firebird, which I remembered as a symbol of magic and great energy. In this designinterlaces the image is wonderful birds and folkart. In my opinion, this is an interesting eclecticmix - products of high technology and legendarytales of antiquity.
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Coral Fan
Jonathan Yuen. Singapore.

The initial idea drawn from the simple thought on visualizing waves of electrical signals sent from the mouse as it’s been used, bits of electrical pulses that communicates the mouse movement in x and y axis, button clicks, wheeling etc. We might not realize the amount of work a mouse does, but underneath the day-to-day usage there’s an interesting electrical pattern.
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Panda   Floral Foray
Hannah Davies. South Wales, UK. 

My inspiration was the wonderful botanical gardens located in West Wales near where I live. I spent the day there drawing flowers and plants that had amazing unusual patterns and colors!
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