THX® Certified surround sound speakers. Make any night opening night.

Turn your home into a home theater.

Roll out the red carpet. Stock up on popcorn. The theater experience is coming to your home.

With THX® Certified surround sound speakers, you’ll hear audio the way the filmmaker intended. You won’t miss a thing—from the deep bass of an earthquake to the soft pitter-patter of rain on an umbrella.

These new Logitech surround sound speaker systems deliver rich, detailed acoustics that have been certified by THX to bring the movies to you:

Check out the Logitech® Surround Sound Speakers Z623

What’s THX certification?

THX certification means one thing: pure performance.

The goal of the certification process is to identify surround sound systems that can recreate the power of the cinema in your home theater.

Testing is precise, rigorous and only the best home audio systems achieve THX certification.

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So what does that mean for me?

THX Certified surround sound speakers deliver crisp, clean sound that fills your room and immerses you in your entertainment.

Your front speakers give you dialogue and ambient sounds so clear it’s like you’re inside your favorite film.

And you’ll hear powerful, deep bass that can recreate the roar of a jet engine or the sound of a collapsing bridge. All THX Certified subwoofers extend to 20Hz (-6dB) so that they can handle the very highest bass levels with ease.

Logitech and THX—a perfect pair

We build all of our surround sound speakers with one goal in mind—keeping you totally immersed in your audio.

And THX certification ensures that your speakers are engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers to recreate the tonal balance of the director’s final mix—in your living room.

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