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Do more with your Chromebook
Logitech accessories for Chromebook™ computers never compromise on features or functions.

Chromebook is the everyday, everybody computer, and Logitech offers a wide range of every purpose accessories. Navigating, typing, or listening, we have an accessory to help you.

Connect up to six Logitech accessories to a single unifying receiver

With the unifying app for Chrome OS, you no longer need a different receiver for each device.

Install the unifying app

Tips and Tricks
Use your keyboard to its full potential

Press Ctrl+Alt+? to see all available keyboard shortcuts.

Free up USB ports

Use only one Unifying receiver to connect up to six accessories.

Read web-pages offline

Press Ctrl + S to save a page to your files for later reading

Control the way apps will open?

Right click the app icon to change the way it opens by default; for example: full screen, new tab, new window etc.

Use a standard PC keyboard with your Chromebook

  • Windows® start key acts as the search key on a Chromebook.
  • F keys trigger the Chromebook hotkeys.
  •      F1 = back
         F2 = forward
         F3 = refresh
         F4 = full-screen, etc.

Change the wallpaper on your desktop

Right-click anywhere on the desktop to set new wallpapers

PARTY COLLECTION M325c Wireless Mouse Wireless Mouse for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux $ 29.99
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M535 Bluetooth mouse Works with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Android $ 39.99
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K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iOS $ 39.99
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Stereo Headset H151 Light weight and adjustable headset $ 19.99
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Stereo Headset H111 Multi-device headset $ 14.99
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Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 HTPC keyboard for PC-to-TV control $ 99.99
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Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus HTPC keyboard for PC connected TVs $ 39.99
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Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 A wireless desk keyboard for your computer, tablet and smartphone $ 49.99
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Wireless Mouse M325 Designed for web scrolling $ 29.99
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Wireless Combo MK520 Full size wireless keyboard and mouse $ 59.99
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USB Headset H540 High-performance headset $ 49.99
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USB Headset H340 Plug-and-Play USB headset $ 29.99
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Wireless Mouse M310 Full-size, laser mouse $ 29.99
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Wireless Headset H600 Fold-and-Go wireless headset $ 69.99
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Wireless Desktop MK710 All-day comfort and productivity $ 99.99
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Wireless Combo MK270 Reliable wireless combo $ 29.99
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USB Headset H390 Comfortable USB headset $ 39.95
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Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 HTPC keyboard for PC connected TVs $ 39.99
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Wireless Mouse M185 Plug-and-play wireless $ 24.99
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