Get comfy. Get cool. Get volume. Wherever you use your laptop.

You take the word “laptop” literally. You use your computer on the couch, the bed, and even the floor.

Because the whole point of having a laptop computer is to free yourself from a desk. And now, you can be hassle free when you’re using it on your lap.

From keeping you comfy and cool to transforming your lap into a little theater, Logitech is here to help you get the most from your laptop wherever you and your computer are together.

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A boost of comfort

We love our laptops just as much as you. But if you’re anything like us, a few hours of hunching over your laptop can be tiring.

If your screen is too low, your neck and back might not be so happy. And the lower it is, the more you’re likely to feel it.

A Logitech lapdesk raises the screen up to a more comfortable level—even when your laptop isn’t on a level surface. So you can go from the floor to the couch to the bed with a higher level of comfort. And the stable base lets you sit how you like without doing a balancing act.

Plus, many of our lapdesks feature a wide padded base that’ll make getting cuddly with your loved ones even easier when you’re watching a movie or a show.

Keep your cool

Your laptop generates a lot of heat. When it’s on your desk, you probably don’t notice it. But on your lap, it’s a whole different story. If you want to keep the heat off, we’ve got just what you need.

  • Staying cool is a breeze with the Logitech® Cooling Pad N100 thanks to a USB-powered fan that distributes air quietly and evenly under your notebook.

A sound upgrade

Sound adds so much to your entertainment. Think of the mood-setting music in a battle scene or love story. The screeching tires, explosions or crashing waves in your favorite movies and shows. Or the thumping bass in your favorite song.

The less-than-stellar sound of most built-in laptop speakers just doesn’t do your entertainment justice. Fortunately, you no longer have to choose between convenience and good sound.

You just put your laptop on the Speaker Lapdesk N700 and plug the N700 into a USB port. All of a sudden your movies, shows and music come to life with sound that’s louder, crisper, warmer and more realistic. It’s a difference you can really hear—thanks to the 2-inch high-performance speakers.

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