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Multimedia Speakers Z213

Multimedia Speakers Z213

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  • Z213 speaker system
  • Z213 speaker
  • Z213 speaker system control pod
  • Z213 speaker system subwoofer
  • Rich, full bass

    Feel full bass. A down-facing subwoofer with a 4” driver provides a rich bass experience with these 2.1 speakers.
  • Compact, efficient design

    Don’t sacrifice valuable desk space for great sound. The inclined design of Z213 directs sound right to your ears.
  • Convenient control pod

    Adjust the volume and power on and off with this 2.1 speaker system
  • Adjustable bass

    Turn up the bass to your acoustic needs with a separate control knob at the back of the subwoofer.
Z213 Multimedia Speakers
Additional Features
  • Listen in privacy

    For privacy when you need it, a headphone jack is conveniently built into the control pod.
  • Add a Bluetooth Audio Adapter

    Listen to music from your Bluetooth® wireless devices—smartphone, tablet, PC—by adding Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter.* Learn More

    *Bluetooth Audio Adapter sold separately.