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Wireless Combo MK520

Full size wireless keyboard and mouse

Wireless Combo MK520

Full size wireless keyboard and mouse

$ 59.99

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  • Wireless Combo MK520
  • Wireless Combo MK520
  • Wireless Combo MK520
  • Wireless Combo MK520
  • Type right

    With softly rounded keys, a full-size layout, and a palm rest, this keyboard treats your hands right.

  • Palm pal

    The mouse keeps your hand happy and supported with contoured sides and soft rubber grips.

  • Power-packed

    The mouse and keyboard are so energy efficient you just might forget they use batteries at all.

  • Full-size layout

    Type comfortably with all the room you need. The keys are where you expect them to be.
  • Logitech Incurve Keys

    Glide from key-to-key for hours with Logitech® Incurve Keys.  Whisper-quiet, contour-edge, concave keys position your fingers properly.
  • Hand-friendly full-size mouse

    Contoured sides and soft rubber grips keep your hand comfortable, supported, and in control. You’ll enjoy smooth, precise tracking on virtually any surface.*
    Curious about cursor control? Learn more.
    * The sensor does not work on glass or mirrors. 
  • Batteries without hassle

    A battery life of up to three years for the keyboard and eighteen months for the mouse practically eliminates the need to replace batteries.*
    *Keyboard battery life calculation based on an estimated two million keystrokes/year in an office environment. User experience may vary. Mouse battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions. 
Additional Features
  • Logitech® Unifying receiver

    The tiny wireless receiver stays in your laptop and connects both the keyboard and mouse. Learn more about the Unifying receiver.
  • Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless

    Work and play in more places—like your comfy couch. Long-range wireless connection virtually eliminates delays, drops, and interference.
  • Instant media access

    One-touch media controls let you mute your computer or skip to the next song instantly.
  • Adjustable tilt legs

    Extend the folding legs to increase the keyboard tilt to 8 degrees.
  • Easy keyboard storage

    Store your keyboard standing up to make space on your desk.