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Welcome to the world of Touch

Unlock the power of your Windows 8 PC with Logitech’s new touch devices. The  Zone Touch Mouse T400 delivers simple, easy-touch navigation with familiar point and click action. Power through with quick gestures on the full, smooth touch surface of the Touch Mouse T620. 


           Zone Touch Mouse T400                               Touch Mouse T620                        

Logitech Touch brings Windows 8 to life

Combined with any one of Logitech’s three new touch devices, using Windows 8 will feel fast, intuitive and enjoyable. Each device gives you a touchscreen-like experience that brings you closer than ever to the things you love.

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Logitech and Windows 8 Compatibility

While Logitech’s exciting new touch devices offer an ideal Windows 8 experience, our other mice and keyboards will continue to deliver performance and reliability in Windows 8.

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