Mail-In Rebate Status

Checking the status of your mail-in rebate by phone or online

Checking mail-in rebate status by phone:

Please call 877-755-3837. This number will put you in direct contact with our fulfillment partner, who will work to provide you with the most accurate information on your mail-in rebate. When you call, please have available a copy of the materials you submitted and the tracking number sent to you by e-mail, if you have it.

Checking mail-in rebate status online:

In most cases, you will be able to check your mail-in rebated status by going to You will be asked to enter your tracking number, which should have been e-mailed to you.

Mail-in rebate FAQs

Q: I´ve misplaced my receipt, how can I get my rebate?
A: Most retailers can reprint a receipt, especially if you paid with a credit card and know your exact purchase date.

Q: Should I send a copy of my receipt and keep the original?
A: Please review the terms and conditions of your rebate form. If you are required to send the original, please do so and always keep a copy of the original for your records.

Q: My rebate form says "please send the original UPC" — what does this mean?
A: The UPC is the black & white "bar code" found on our packaging. It is a unique reference per product, and there is only one per package. Logitech uses this code as proof of purchase, and to confirm that the product has not been returned to the retailer. If you´re unsure of where to locate the UPC, please contact us at 877-755-3837.

Q: I forgot to send in for my rebate and now it has expired. If I send it in late, will I be able to get my rebate?
A: We carefully identify our terms and conditions on each rebate, and base those terms on industry standards. We want to offer enough time for each customer to redeem our mail-in rebates, so we identify a fair timeframe for postmarking of the mail-in rebate (the postmark date is identified as the date the post office stamps on your envelope, not the date when the fulfillment house receives your request). If the postmark date stated in the rebate terms and conditions has passed, unfortunately you will not qualify.

Q: I checked the status of my rebate and I could not find any information.
A. Please contact our rebate partner by phone, using the appropriate phone number provided above. You may need to resubmit your rebate application.

Q. I just received a post card informing me that my rebate is invalid. What do I need to do to receive my rebate?
A: Our rebate fulfillment partner will be able to provide you the reason why it has been denied. Some examples: missing information, missed postmark date, incorrect product mail-in rebate form, etc. If there is any problem, please contact our rebate fulfillment partner using the appropriate phone number provided above. They keep all the documents they receive, but your copy of your receipt and rebate form will be useful in resolving any dispute.