Find a webcam you can click with

While many computers today come with a built-in webcam, the quality and features just don’t compare to Logitech webcams. But which of our webcams is right for you?

From super-sharp HD video calling to super-silly video masks of your own making, you’re sure to find the right webcam for you.

Even more than resolution

High-def yourself with HD video calling and recording

HD is synonymous with quality, and you can pick from a full lineup of Logitech HD webcams.
Logitech HD webcams deliver HD 720p video calling on most major IMs. 

The full picture - Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus

But you get much more than HD.
We’ve teamed up with Carl Zeiss—a pioneer in camera optics—to make sure the images you stream or send to your loved ones are crystal clear

Find out more about why our collaboration with Carl Zeiss benefits you.

Better than built-in

If you prefer high-definition, quality videos with your laptop, notebook or Ultrabook™, we offer several lightweight, easy-travel webcams.

Be seen in a better light

If your lighting conditions are less than ideal, we’ve got just what you need. RightLight 2 technology intelligently adjusts to give you the best possible image, even in dim or poorly backlit settings.

Find out what’s right about RightLight 2 technology.

Our webcams with RightLight technology help you look clearer, more detailed, and more natural in all kinds of lighting at a more affordable price.

Hear and be heard

Don’t want to use a headset? RightSound technology lets you enjoy headset-free conversations without echoes or annoying background noise.

See all webcams with RightSound™.