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Watch actual home surveillance videos submitted by our customers.*

*These videos may have been recorded with previous-generation, non-HD cameras and are compressed for online viewing.

Video Security & 911 Call Thwart Home Burglary

Jun 2009 (3:41)

Watch Thief Caught on Video Security Camera

Nov 2007 (0:35)

The Party While the Parents were away

Jul 2009 (3:45)

Stealing UPS packages

May 2009 (0:23)

A Black Bear On My Porch

Sep 2009 (1:29)

A painful fall in the rain storm

Sep 2009 (0:14)

Security camera catches home intruder

Aug 2009 (0:45)

Biggest Toilet Papering Job Caught On Video

Nov 2009 (1:50)

Crazy-hungry Raccoon in the house

Mar 2009 (3:00)

Who’s been eating the shrubbery?

Feb 2010 (1:28)

Truck engine fire (set to chipmunk’s singing “Bad Day”)

Apr 2010 (1:08)

Relative snoops through room during family gathering

Apr 2010 (1:11)

3 attempted car thefts in 1 week

Apr 2010 (1:04)

Interior decorating cat

Jun 2009 (1:23)
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After being robbed previously during the year, customer uses Logitech’s video surveillance system and eventually logs in to view a live stream of her house being robbed real-time. A quick call to 911 and the police were at the house in 4 minutes.