Didier Hirsch - Logitech Non-executive Board Member

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Former Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Didier Hirsch has been a non-executive member of Logitech's board of directors since September 2012, is the chair of Logitech's Audit Committee and serves on Logitech's Nominating Committee.

Mr. Hirsch is the former senior vice president and chief financial officer of Agilent Technologies, Inc., a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets, a position that he held from 2010 to 2018. Mr. Hirsch joined Agilent in 1999 at its inception, holding multiple leadership roles in finance. Prior to joining Agilent, Mr. Hirsch had been with Hewlett-Packard Company since 1989, serving in leadership roles in finance and administration in EMEA and Asia Pacific. Previously, he held finance positions at Valeo Inc., Gemplus S.C.A., SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, I.B.H. Holding S.A., Bendix Corporation and Ford Motor Company.

Mr. Hirsch serves on the board of directors of Knowles Corporation.

Mr. Hirsch holds a master's degree in computer science from Toulouse University in France and a master's degree in industrial administration from Purdue University in the U.S.