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Carbon Transparency

We are aware of the urgent need to take climate action. By being open and transparent about our impact, we believe we can drive better design and consumer decision-making. We share the impact of carbon in a visible way and we actively drive this impact down whenever possible.

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Meet Our New Label

We believe that you should have access to information that will help you make more informed decisions about your purchase. Transparent labeling allows you to evaluate your purchase beyond price and features and helps you better understand the environmental impact of your purchase.

Carbon Transparency labeling is available now on select Logitech gaming product packages and on this website. Additional products within the gaming portfolio will continue to be released, and we’re committed to labeling across our entire product portfolio.

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Understanding Carbon Impact

Over the last number of years, we have been working to develop our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) capability. With LCA, we can quantify the carbon footprint of the product, from sourcing of raw materials, through to manufacturing, distribution, consumer use and product end of life. This analysis and approach is third party certified across all products.

With the introduction of our Carbon Transparency label, we will provide a  carbon footprint (number) on the product package, as well as additional insight and information for consumers and partners on this webpage.

1 - Denotes the carbon footprint of the full lifecycle of the product, from materials sourcing and manufacture, distribution, consumer use, and end of life.
2 - Denotes whether the product carbon footprint has been verifiably offset, thereby rendering it Carbon Neutral.

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“As Logitech looks to build for the next generation, we are weighing our responsibility in creating sustainable, ethical and useful products. Adding carbon transparent labeling to our packaging is yet another step toward this goal.”

Alastair Curtis
Chief Design Officer

Our Approach

We are adopting a systematic approach, to implement Carbon Transparency Labels across all our product lines. As we quantify the Carbon Footprint of each product, we are capturing learnings, which we can incorporate into the ecodesign of the next generation of products. With this program, we are addressing and reducing our impact, in tandem with labeling our portfolio.

Carbon Impact labeling now exists for these products.

Customer Q&A

What are you hoping to achieve with carbon labeling?

In an industry reliant on electronic components and plastics, understanding and being transparent about your carbon impact is an important step in driving positive change. This is just a start, as it will take an industry-wide effort to truly make a difference. We invite other companies to provide full transparency at the product level as well.

How do we know if the carbon impact number is good or bad?

At this time few companies share carbon impact at the product level, but we hope this will change in the future. For now, consumers can compare our CO2e emissions with the CO2e of normal human tasks or products we consume. For example, producing 2lbs (907g) of chocolate emits about 19kg CO2e.

When will products include carbon labeling?

We expect the first carbon impact labelling to appear on a select set of gaming products later this year, followed by the rest of gaming, and then a rollout across our other product portfolios.

What are you measuring?

We will be disclosing the carbon impact of the full lifecycle of each product, from raw material sourcing, to manufacturing, distribution, consumer use, and ultimately the end of life.

Who validates your carbon impact number?

To support the integrity of internal calculations, Logitech is collaborating with well-known third parties including IFU Hamburg, an iPoint Group company, to establish a valid ISO aligned measurement protocol, an independent DEKRA-authorised verifier to verify and validate each products carbon impact to DEKRA certification standards, and Natural Capital Partners to identify and apply certified carbon offset instruments to achieve product carbon neutral status.

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