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Explore M335

Logitech Wireless Mouse M335 is a light wireless mouse that’s comfortable to use, on the go, in the office, or at home.

The M335 connects effortlessly to any computer or device that supports Unifying® wireless technology, with Mac®, Windows® or Chrome OS™ installed. A curved rubber grip and a shape that conforms to your hand provide the comfort you need for as long as you need it - without the clutter of wires.

Unlock all the possibilities your M335 wireless mouse offers by installing Logitech Options™ on your Mac or Windows. In addition to optimizing the mouse for your operating system, the software lets you customize the M335 to fit your individual needs.

Note: Descriptions of features that require installation of Logitech Options software are shown in blue.

M335 Wireless Mouse at a glance
M335 Wireless Mouse at a glance

Plug & Play


Advanced Navigation
M335 offers advanced navigation without any software installed on Windows and Chrome OS. Right out of the box, the navigation button and the scroll wheel on your M335 mouse, provides single-click shortcuts (e.g. switching between applications). The table shows the default settings for the M335 scroll wheel and navigation button without Logitech Options installed on Windows and Chrome OS.
  Out of the box (without software) Require software
  Windows Chrome OS Mac
Tilt wheel
Back/forward (in browser) Back/forward (in browser) Back/forward (in browser)
Middle click
Middle Click Middle Click Middle Click
Navigation button
Switch applications Switch applications Misson Control

Logitech Options - Optimize your M335 for Mac OS and Windows
Get more out of your M335 mouse by installing Logitech Options software.

In addition to optimizing M335 for your computer operating system, Logitech Options lets you reassign button functions, enable and use gestures, adjust tracking speed, and much more.
Logitech Options is available only for Windows 7, Windows 8 or later, and Mac OS® X version 10.8 or later.

Learn more about Logitech Options
Install Logitech Options: Mac or Windows

Perform gestures
After installing Logitech Options on your Mac or Windows, you can perform gestures by using the navigation button in combination with mouse movements.
To perform a gesture
Hold down the navigation button while moving the mouse left, right, up, or down.

The figure below shows gesture sets available for managing windows in Windows 7, 8 and navigating desktops and applications on Mac OS X.

Tip Use Logitech Options to assign gestures to other M335 controls, including the middle button.

Unifying Receiver - One receiver for many devices
Unifying Receiver - One receiver for many devices
M335 comes pre-paired with a Unifying receiver. All you have to do to connect with the pre-paired receiver is to plug the receiver into the USB port on your computer.

Learn more about Unifying

Connecting with another Unifying receiver?
You can also connect M335 with a Unifying receiver other than the one included with the mouse. To do so, follow the steps below.
  1. Install Logitech Unifying software on your computer
  2. Plug the Unifying receiver in your computer
  3. Open the Unifying software and follow the on screen instructions
Download Unifying software
Problems connecting?


Battery LED
Battery LED
The green light remains on for 10 seconds when the mouse is powered on or returning from sleep.

The LED light on top of the mouse starts to blink red to indicate low battery power.

Change batteries when the LED turns red.

Tip Install Logitech Options to set up and receive battery status notifications.

Replace batteries
Replace batteries
Slide the battery compartment cover down and lift it off the mouse body. Replace the battery with a new AA battery and reattach the compartment door.


Mac OS
Mac OS X 10.8 or later

Windows 7, Windows 8 or later

Chrome OS
Chrome OS v.44


Mouse is not working
Is the mouse powered on and within range - 10 meters (33 feet)?
Is the receiver securely plugged into a USB port? Try changing USB ports.
If the receiver is plugged into a USB hub, try plugging it directly into a USB port on your computer.
Check the orientation of the battery inside the mouse.