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Logitech M535 Bluetooth Mouse is a lightweght wireless mouse that’s comfortable to use—on the go, in the office, or at home.

The M535 connects to computers and other devices supporting Bluetooth® wireless technology, eliminating the unsightly clutter of wires. The sculpted shape conforms to your hand and provides continuous comfort over hours of use.

Unlock all the possibilities your mouse offers by installing Logitech Options™. In addition to optimizing the mouse for your preferred operating system, the software lets you customize the M535 to fit your individual needs and personal style.

Logitech Options

Note:  Descriptions of features that require installation of Logitech Options are tagged with a blue badge.

The M535 at a glance
The M535 at a glance



Explore the advanced features your new mouse offers.

scroll wheel

Ready for action
Your mouse provides buttons and controls tailored for your operating system—in most cases right out of the box. The table below shows actions the mouse buttons and controls perform on the different operating systems.
  Out of the box (without software) With software
  Windows Android Chrome OS Mac OS
Tilt wheel wheel
Back/forward Back(tilt left) Back/forward Back/forward
Press scroll wheel
Middle Click Middle Click Middle Click Middle Click
Press nav button

Logitech Options

Enhance your mouse with Logitech Options

Discover all your mouse can do: add Logitech Options software.

In addition to optimizing the mouse for your operating system, Logitech Options lets you customize the M535 to fit your needs and personal style—reassign button functions, enable and use gestures, adjust tracking speed, and much more.

Logitech Options is available for Windows (7, 8, or later) and Mac OS X (10.8 or later).

Install Logitech Options: Mac or Windows

Versatile scroll wheel

Depending on your computer’s operating system, the scroll wheel also serves as a middle-click button and back/forward control.

Scroll vertically

To scroll vertically, spin the wheel up or down.


Move back and forward by tilting the scroll wheel left or right.

Logitech Options

Install Logitech Options to optimize the scrolling experience.

  • Enable smooth scrolling (Windows)
  • Switch scrolling direction between standard and natural
  • Adjust scrolling speed (Mac OS)
Scroll side-to-side

Use Logitech Options to set up the tilt wheel for side-to-side (horizontal) scrolling.

Logitech Options

Installation of Logitech Options software gives you access to gestures that simplify desktop and application management, media control, document viewing, and personalization of common tasks.

Perform a gesture

Hold down the navigation button while moving the mouse left, right, up, or down.

The figure below shows gesture sets available for managing windows in Windows (7, 8, or later) and Mac OS X (10.8 or later). View and enable other gesture sets in Logitech Options.

Tip: Use Logitech Options to view available gesture sets and assign gestures to the navigation button or to other mouse controls.

Power Management

Check battery level

The status LED on top of the mouse turns red to indicate that battery power is low and it’s time to change batteries.

Tip: Install Logitech Options to set up and receive battery status notifications.


Replace batteries

Slide the battery compartment cover down and lift it off the mouse body.

Replace the spent batteries with two new AAA batteries and reattach the compartment cover.


Bluetooth wireless techology enabled devices


Mac OS X (10.8 or later)


Windows 7, 8, 10 or later

Chrome OS

Chrome OS v. 44


Android 3.2 or later