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Press Releases

Logitech: A Leader in Innovation and Design


  • Logitech was founded by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta and Giacomo Marini.
  • Logitech introduced its first mouse, the P-4. The P-4 used opto-mechanical technology, featuring optical encoders connected to the rollers to deliver greater tracking precision while providing the tactile response of a rolling ball.
  • Logitech designed the first cordless mouse, using infrared technology, for Metaphor.
  • Logitech entered the retail market with the C7 mouse, available for under $100 in the U.S.
  • Logitech went public in Switzerland on the SWX Swiss Exchange.
  • Logitech introduced the first thumb-operated trackball, the Logitech® TrackMan®.
  • Logitech announced the Series 9 Mouse, the company´s first mouse designed to fit the curve of a hand, a departure from the familiar box shape.
  • Logitech introduced the first radio-based cordless mouse, the Logitech® MouseMan® Cordless.
  • Logitech introduced AudioMan, its first audio peripheral, an all-in-one PC microphone and speaker.
  • Logitech unveiled the Magellan® 3D mouse, the first mouse developed for 3D CAD/CAM/CAE applications.
  • Logitech unveiled VideoMan, its first Web camera, meant for sending live and recorded video over the Internet.
  • Logitech introduced Marble optical technology for use in trackballs.
  • Logitech announced WingMan®, a joystick for PC gaming. It was the first time Logitech made a product specifically for gaming.
  • Logitech reached a mouse milestone: 100 million manufactured.
  • Logitech went public in the U.S. on the Nasdaq National Market System.
  • Logitech unveiled its first Universal Serial Bus mouse, the USB Wheel Mouse Pointing Device.
  • Logitech acquired the hardware division of Connectix and its QuickCam® family of webcams. Shortly thereafter, Logitech introduced the first webcam with an integrated microphone.
  • Logitech introduced the Logitech® Cordless Desktop®, the first combination of a cordless mouse and keyboard on the market.
  • Logitech introduced its first mouse with optical sensors to track movement.
  • Logitech announced the GT Force™ racing wheel for PlayStation®, its first peripheral designed for the console gaming market.
  • Logitech acquired Labtec, dramatically expanding its audio business.
  • Logitech was awarded THX certification for its new high-end digital speakers, the Logitech® Z-560 system.
  • Logitech introduced Cordless MouseMan® Optical, providing precision optical tracking and cordless freedom in a mouse.
  • Logitech formed subsidiary 3Dconnexion® to focus on developing input devices for 3D motion control.
  • Logitech announced Cordless Presenter™, the industry´s first retail pointing device with Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • Logitech unveiled cordless controllers for both Xbox® and PlayStation® platforms.
  • Logitech introduced the Logitech® io™ Personal Digital Pen, a device that automatically converts handwritten notes into digital records.
  • Logitech entered the mobile phone headset market by introducing six headsets emphasizing comfort and design.
  • Logitech introduced the first headset to enable voice command and Internet chat during game play on the PlayStation. The headset was bundled with Sony's SOCOM Navy Seals game.
  • Logitech reached a mouse milestone: 500 million manufactured.
  • Logitech announced it was working with Microsoft Corp. to enable live video capabilities for customers of MSN Messenger.
  • Logitech introduced three new products that transform a PC into a Bluetooth® wireless control center, making it easy to wirelessly exchange information between the PC and Bluetooth devices.
  • Logitech introduced the Logitech® Mobile Bluetooth® Headset, its first mobile headset with Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Logitech reached a cordless milestone: 50 million PC peripherals manufactured.
  • Logitech acquired Intrigue Technologies, maker of the Harmony Remote control.
  • Logitech announced users of MSN had logged more than one billion video instant messaging sessions using Webcam for MSN Messenger.
  • Logitech unveiled the world´s first mouse to use laser tracking and illumination, the Logitech® MX™1000 Laser Cordless Mouse.
  • Logitech reached a webcam milestone: 25 million sold.
  • Microsoft launched MSN Messenger 7.0 with Video Conversation, powered by Logitech, providing high-quality, synchronized live audio and video communications at no charge to MSN Messenger users.
  • Logitech introduced the Harmony 880 remote control, the company´s first remote with a color LCD screen and its first rechargeable remote.
  • Logitech unveiled its first speakers and headphones for iPods and portable music players.
  • Logitech entered the PlayStation Portable (PSP) accessories market with its PlayGear family of products.
  • Logitech introduced Logitech® Video Effects software, allowing consumers to transform themselves into three-dimensional animated characters or wear animated accessories as they communicate with their webcam over the Internet.
  • Logitech introduced Logitech® Music Anywhere™ wireless technology as part of a family of wireless music products that make it easy for people to play and share their digital music on a stereo system or wireless headphones.
  • Logitech introduced the Logitech G15 keyboard, the world´s first gaming-specific keyboard with an LCD and 18 customizable G keys.
  • Logitech opened a new factory in Suzhou, China with 30 percent more capacity than the previous facility.
  • Logitech announced the acquisition of Slim Devices, a pioneer in the development of music systems that take advantage of a home network and the Intranet.
  • Logitech reached a mouse milestone: more than 700 million sold.
  • Logitech introduced the Logitech® Wireless DJ™ Music System, enabling people to stream any PC music to a stereo system, and browse and control the music anywhere in the home using the long-range Wireless DJ remote.
  • Logitech unveiled three new products designed to make PC calling more like using a traditional phone: the Logitech® QuickCall™ USB Speakerphone, the Logitech® Cordless Internet Handset, and the Logitech® EasyCall™ Desktop.
  • Logitech introduced the Logitech® MX™ Revolution cordless laser mouse, marking a radical change in PC navigation with its hyper-fast MicroGear™ Precision Scroll Wheel. The free-spinning wheel can span hundreds of pages with a single flick.
  • Logitech redefined the PC speaker system with its Logitech® Z-10 Interactive 2.0 Speaker System. The groundbreaking design includes touch-sensitive controls and a backlighted display that shows digital-music track information.
  • Logitech reinvented the Harmony® remote control with the Harmony 1000 advanced universal remote, the company´s first remote with a touch-sensitive color screen.

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