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The inspiration behind the art

Inspiration comes in many forms. For the designers of our new Logitech Color Collection, their inspirations were as diverse as the artists themselves. Residing in countries and cities around the world, our designers found their muses in everything from animals and skyscrapers to the jungle and the sea. Read their stories below.

Ink Gears
Jimmy Rinnick. Ireland.

I was trying to capture something both intimate and universal. The overall look is quite familiar but hopefully the elements not so much.

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Ink Gears   White/Purple Paisley
Evgeny Kiselev. Russia. 

Sometimes, before work, I close my eyes and mind takes me to the memories of my childhood. In those days I loved to read and listen to folk tales and legends. In one of them was a story about the Firebird, which I remembered as a symbol of magic and great energy. In this designinterlaces the image is wonderful birds and folkart. In my opinion, this is an interesting eclecticmix - products of high technology and legendarytales of antiquity.

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Panda Candy
Heiko Windisch. Germany and Australia.

I’ve been drawing pandas for a long time, I like the way they look, I like how they seem to be incredibly lazy, only driven by their need to eat as many bamboo sprouts as possible. When I went to the Berlin Zoo to look at their panda, Bao Bao, I met him leisurely eating a pretzel. It was one of the greatest things I had ever seen.

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Panda   Liquid Color
Archan Nair. India. 

I love technology and as we are evolving so rapidly, its this beautiful merging of human and technology into 1 mind. Keeping that beautiful energy in mind, I tried to express myself on how I feel about this vision, which is actually happening.

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Liquid Colors
Crimson Ribbons
Shadow Chen. China.

I want to try something with vector to create artistic and romantic piece of artwork, featuring abstract shapes flow like things in nature, drawing underwater scene has always been a passion for me to create, with watercolor like elements of warm colors spreading on a bright background, helped to get this dreamy feel.

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Crimson   Skyscraper
Joy Yang. Ireland.

The project called for creating the feeling of serenity in a busy tech-filled world. I am always drawn to the ocean when I need a break or inspirational trip, to get the creative juices flowing again. And that trip is always enhanced with a spotting of whales out at sea. I imagine their world to be very leisurely under the surface.

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Sky Scraper
Black/Red/Blue Topography
Evgeny Kislev. Russia.

The strongest inspiration gives me from nature.This pattern was established under the impression from my trip to the Alps. Clean and concise strokes, unity with nature and the large openspace. This design reminds you of boundless freedom and vivid emotions of travel and discovery

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