Alexa for Business: Logitech Meeting Solutions for Zoom Rooms

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Voice-activated control for faster, easier, intuitive meeting management

By simply asking Alexa, employees can join a scheduled meeting, start a new meeting or end meeting, check room availability, book a room for an ad hoc meeting, extend a meeting, or find another available room.

Hands-free meeting control for sanitation, cleanliness, and health

This solution Introduces “hands-free” control for employees who are uncomfortable with touching shared surfaces. At Logitech, we continue to evolve the meeting room experience to better support the needs of our customers in a post COVID-19 workplace.

Easy setup, no additional hardware

  • Activation is as simple as starting the Logitech Room Solutions client and registering it with Alexa for Business.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership: With the Logitech solution, there is no need to purchase or manage additional Amazon Echo devices.

  • Tips for IT: Ensure you have an Alexa for Business account, download the Alexa for Business application onto the Logitech Intel Nuc in your meeting room, and follow the Admin Guide to enable.

illustration of man joining meeting using alexa voice commands

Alexa For Business Software and Availability

Alexa is available for the small, medium, and large configurations that come pre-configured with Zoom Rooms controlled by Logitech Tap.

product image of small bundle for videoconferencing

Small Room Solutions

product image of medium bundle for videoconferencing

Medium Room Solutions

product image of large bundle for videoconferencing

Large Room Solutions



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