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GRI based Index

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1. Strategy and Analysis Content ressource
1.1 Statement from the most senior decision-maker of the organization (e.g., CEO, chair, or equivalent senior position) about the relevance of sustainability to the organization and its strategy. - CEO Statement, EHS Report English
2. Organizational Profile Content ressource
2.1 Name of the organization. LOGITECH INTERNATIONAL S.A.
2.2 Primary brands, products, and/or services. - Detailed information
2.3 Operational structure of the organization, including main divisions, operating companies, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. - Detailed information
2.4 Location of the organization's headquarters. Logitech International S.A., Apples, Switzerland, c/o Logitech Inc., 7600 Gateway Blvd., Newark, CA 94560
2.5 Number of countries where the organization operates, and names of countries with either major operations or that are specifically relevant to the sustainability issues covered in the report. - Detailed information
2.6 Nature of ownership and legal form. Logitech International S.A., Apples, Switzerland
2.7 Markets served (including geographic breakdown, sectors served, and types of customers / beneficiaries). - Detailed information
2.8 Scale of reporting organization, including: - Number of employees; - Net sales (for private sector organizations) or net revenues (for public sector organizations); - Total capitalization broken down in terms of debt and equity (for private sector organizations); and - Quantity of products or services provided. - Detailed information
2.9 Significant changes during the reporting period regarding its size, structure, or ownership including: - The location of, or changes in operations, including facility openings, closings, and expansions; and - Changes in the share capital structure and other capital formation, maintenance, and alteration operations (for private sector organizations). There were no significant changes to Logitech's size, structure or ownership during FY 2013.
2.10 Awards received in the reporting period. Detailed Information
3. Report Parameters  
Report Profile Content ressource
3.1 Reporting period (e.g., fiscal / calendar year) for information provided. - Detailed information
3.2 Date of most recent previous report (if any). This is Logitech’s second year releasing a GRI-based index report. 
3.3 Reporting cycle (annual, biennial, etc.). Detailed information
3.4 Contact point for questions regarding the report or its contents. - Detailed information
Report Scope and Boundary Content ressource
3.5 Process for defining report content, including: - Determining materiality; - Prioritizing topics within the report; and - Identifying stakeholders the organization expects to use the report. - Detailed information
3.6 Boundary of the report (e.g., countries, divisions, subsidiaries, leased facilities, joint ventures, suppliers). See GRI Boundary Protocol for further guidance. NOTE:Boundaries determined by Financial Control / Significant Influence Detailed information
3.7 State any specific limitations on the scope or boundary of the report. - Detailed information
3.8 Basis for reporting on joint ventures, subsidiaries, leased facilities, outsourced operations, and other entities that can significantly affect comparability from period to period and/or between organizations. Detailed information
3.9 Data measurement techniques and the bases of calculations, including assumptions and techniques underlying estimations applied to the compilation of the Indicators and other information in the report. Detailed information
3.10 Explanation of the effect of any restatements of information provided in earlier reports, and the reasons for such restatement (e.g., mergers / acquisitions, change of base years/periods, nature of business measurement methods). Detailed information
3.11 Significant changes from previous reporting periods in the scope, boundary, or measurement methods applied in the report. Detailed information
3.12 Table identifying the location of the Standard Disclosures in the report. Detailed information
3.13 Policy and current practice with regard to seeking external assurance for the report. Detailed information
4. Governance, Commitments, and Engagement  
Governance Content ressource
4.1 Governance structure of the organization, including committees under the highest governance body responsible for specific tasks, such as setting strategy or organizational oversight. - Detailed information
4.2 Indicate whether the Chair of the highest governance body is also an executive officer (and, if so, their function within the organization's management and the reasons for this arrangement). - Detailed information
4.3 For organizations that have a unitary board structure, state the number of members of the highest governance body that are independent and/or non-executive members. Detailed information
4.4 Mechanisms for shareholders and employees to provide recommendations or direction to the highest governance body. Detailed information
Stakeholder Engagement Content ressource
4.14 List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization. - Detailed information
4.15 Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage. Detailed information
5. Management Approach and Performance Indicators  
Economic Performance Indicators  
Aspect: Economic Performance Content ressource
EC7 Procedures for local hiring and proportion of senior management hired from the local community at significant locations of operation. - Detailed information
Environmental Performance Indicators  
Aspect: Energy Content ressource
EN3 Direct energy consumption by primary energy source. - Detailed information
- Energy & Emissions "Manufacturing Facility" EHS Report
EN4 Indirect energy consumption by primary source. - Detailed information
- Energy & Emissions "Manufacturing Facility" EHS Report
EN5 Energy saved due to conservation and efficiency improvements. - Detailed information
- Energy & Emissions "Manufacturing Facility" EHS Report
EN6 Initiatives to provide energy-efficient or renewable energy-based products and services, and reductions in energy requirements as a result of these initiatives. - Detailed information
- Energy & Emissions "Product" EHS Report
EN8 Total water withdrawal by source - Detailed information
- Energy & Emissions "Resource" EHS report
Aspect: Emissions, Effluents, and Waste Content ressource
EN16 Total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by weight. - Detailed information
- Energy & Emissions "Manufacturing Facility" EHS Report
EN18 Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reductions achieved. - Detailed information
- Energy & Emissions "Manufacturing Facility" EHS Report
Aspect: Products and Services Content ressource
EN26 Initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts of products and services, and extent of impact mitigation. - Detailed information
- Material Management & Minimisation "Packaging
- Phthalate Restriction Policy
Society Performance Indicators  
Aspect: Community Content ressource
SO3 Percentage of employees trained in organization's anti-corruption policies and procedures. - Detailed information

You may view the full Sustainability Report in PDF format for printing or review purposes, with links provided to supporting references where applicable.