Video Collaboration Solutions from Logitech Partners

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Video Collaboration Partners


Video collaboration is an efficient way to connect people across locations to improve teamwork, innovation, and information-sharing. Logitech works closely with software and hardware partners to create compatible video conferencing solutions. The goal of our partnerships is to deliver an exceptional user experience. We focus on providing interoperable solutions that are easy to use and easy to deploy.

Logitech Collaboration Program

For customers, the Logitech Collaboration Program ensures you get an integrated video solution with easy setup and a great video experience. For partners, the LCP provides access to Logitech Software Reference Kit as well as marketing resources and product innovations to help grow your business.

Strategic Alliance Partners

Logitech Strategic Alliance Partners offer complete video collaboration solutions that create great user experiences and high-performing workplaces. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with leading workflow tools to assure fast return on investment and provide users with great collaboration experiences.​


Ready to buy? Purchase Logitech video collaboration products – including conference cams, webcams, and headsets – from one of our global resellers. Find one near you.


Logitech Software Resource Kit provides partners the tools to integrate Logitech video conferencing devices with their own systems, software applications, and hardware. The SRK provides technical and operational guidance on system compatibility and best practices for design integration.