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Active protection, slim case

We built a case that is slim enough to fit in the skinniest of skinny jeans while still offering you a level of protection that braces your phone for moderate protection from drops and side impacts.

  • Raised Bezel
  • Metal Shield
  • Soft Touch Polycarbonate 

Metal shield, soft-touch design

The case+ features a metal plate that adds a layer of protection and a unique style. The outer layer of the case features a soft touch polycarbonate plastic that allows you to easily grip your phone.

Instant magnetic coupling

Just place your iPhone, wrapped in the case+, against the +drive mount. With one touch your phone is easily accessible but securely mounted. You can place your iPhone on the +drive mount vertically or horizontally.

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Windshield and dashboard
Suction car mount

Instantly attach the +drive car mount to your windshield or dashboard when you need it with a single twist action—and remove it just as quickly.

Universal adaptor

Each +drive Mount comes with a universal adaptor that is easily placed in a slim case or directly on the phone to allow for quick and secure mounting.

Images are for demonstration purpose only. Actual product may vary slightly. iPhone sold separately.

System Requirements

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s

Warranty Information

2-years Limited hardware warranty

Package Contents

  •  case+
  • +drive Mount
  • Dashboard Adaptor
  • Universal Phone Adaptor
  • User Documentation

Part Number

  • PN 989-000058 Grey
  • PN 989-000030 Black

Technical Specifications

  • Height 127mm (5")
  • Width 61mm (2.4")
  • Depth 10mm (0.4")
  • Weight 95g (3.3 oz)
  • Height 64mm (2.5")
  • Width 64mm (2.5")
  • Depth 51mm (2")
  • Weight 227g (5 oz)