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Protective Shell


Protective Shell

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  • BLOK
  • BLOK
  • BLOK
  • BLOK
  • BLOK
  • Minimal bulk, maximum protection

    At less than six ounces you’ll almost forget it’s there. That is, until you accidentally drop your iPad®. Drops are when BLOK Shell shows off its strength.

    You’ll hardly know your iPad is in a frame. BLOK Shell offers shock-absorbing protection with minimal bulk.
    Blok shell for iPad Air2 and iPad mini
  • Drop protection

    It’s inevitable; your iPad drops. BLOK Shell protects your iPad from drops as high as six feet, even onto concrete.
    Blok shell for iPad Air2 and iPad mini dropping
  • Absorbs the impact

    A rigid shell and absorbent polymers are designed to work together, dispersing and absorbing the force of impact. The weakest part of your iPad is the strongest part of its case.

    In the same way that running shoes absorb the pounding force of the ground, the square corners of BLOK Shell protect your iPad. Watch the video
    Blok shell for iPad Air2 and iPad mini corners
  • Screen protection

    Block Shell comes with a screen protector to minimize scratches.
    Blok shell for iPad Air2 and iPad mini
Additional Features
  • Easy-access ports

    Headphone and charger ports, power and volume buttons are all part of your iPad experience. BLOK Shell lets you access these easily.