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Protective Case


Protective Case

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  • Any-angle stand

    BLOK Case integrates the protective shell with our unique any-angle stand and cover. View comfortably at any position along a 50-degree angle thanks to a stay-in-place hinge.

    On a plane, in the kitchen, while relaxing, there are times when holding your iPad isn’t convenient. That’s when BLOK Case can help.
    Blok protective case for iPad Air2 in use
  • iPad drop protection

    We’ve all done it. You reach for something and knock your iPad to the floor. BLOK Case protects your iPad from six-foot drops onto concrete.
    Blok protective case for iPad Air2 dropping
  • Absorbs the impact

    Accidents happen. BLOK Case to the rescue. Square corners are by design—they absorb the force so your iPad doesn’t have to.

    BLOK Case absorbs the shock of impact, and disperses it through the polymer structure to protect your iPad. Watch the video
    Blok protective case for iPad Air2 corners
  • iPad cover

    Life is messy. The protective iPad cover is liquid repellent for easy clean up.
    Blok protective case for iPad Air2 spill resistant