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  • Logitech Drive car mount
  • Logitech Drive car mount
  • Logitech Drive car mount
  • Logitech Drive car mount
  • Active protection, slim case

    We built a case that is slim enough to fit in the skinniest of skinny jeans while still offering you a level of protection that braces your phone for moderate protection from drops and side impacts.

    • Raised Bezel
    • Metal Shield
    • Soft Touch Polycarbonate 
  • Metal shield, soft-touch design

    The case+ features a metal plate that adds a layer of protection and a unique style. The outer layer of the case features a soft touch polycarbonate plastic that allows you to easily grip your phone.
  • Instant magnetic coupling

    Just place your iPhone, wrapped in the case+, against the +drive mount. With one touch your phone is easily accessible but securely mounted. You can place your iPhone on the +drive mount vertically or horizontally. Watch video
  • Windshield and dashboard
    Suction car mount

    Instantly attach the +drive car mount to your windshield or dashboard when you need it with a single twist action—and remove it just as quickly.
Additional Features
  • Universal adaptor

    Each +drive Mount comes with a universal adaptor that is easily placed in a slim case or directly on the phone to allow for quick and secure mounting.

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