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POP Home Switch Starter Pack and Harmony Elite Bundle

POP Home Switch Starter Pack and Harmony Elite Bundle

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  • POP Home Switch Starter Pack

    Open your smart home to everyone. Control lights, music, and more with a press of a button. Simple smart home control for the whole family.

  • Harmony Elite

    Streamline your life like never before with our most powerful and intuitive touch screen home remote control. Replace up to 15 remotes and take seamless control of your home theatre entertainment and smart home control devices.

  • Combine POP and Harmony Elite

    POP Home Switch frees you from app-only controls and gives everyone in the home access to your smart home devices with a push of switch. Combine with the Harmony Elite to start and stop Harmony Activities like “Watch TV”. Now, anyone can turn on the TV, cable and stereo and dim the smart lights with a push of a switch.