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Corded Mouse M500

Corded Mouse M500

$ 29.99

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  • Corded Mouse M500
  • Corded Mouse M500
  • Corded Mouse M500
  • Corded Mouse M500
  • Scroll with it

    Hyper-fast scrolling—one spin and you may never go back to an ordinary scroll wheel.

  • The direct route

    It’s easy to get right where you want to go with smooth laser precision and Backward/Forward buttons.

  • A nice grip

    The contoured design and soft side grips keep your hand happy and in control.

  • Hyper-fast scrolling

    You’ll fly through long documents and Web pages with a single spin. Click-to-click scrolling gives you the precision you need when navigating lists, slides, and images. Excited about hyper-fast scrolling?
  • Laser tracking

    Laser precision means you’ll enjoy smoother tracking on just about any surface.* Curious about cursor control?
  • Comfortable, contoured design

    Soft side grips and a contoured shape give you more support and control for all-day comfort. Comfortable hands like comfortable mice.
  • Forward/Backward buttons

    Moving quickly through documents or browsing your favorite Web sites is a breeze with Forward/Back buttons.Change the cursor speed? Change the cursor? Change the programmable buttons?
Corded Mouse M500, top view