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The only case you'll ever need.

Case [+]

The foundation for your [+] collection. Protects your iPhone without adding bulk or sacrificing clean lines of design.

[+] tilt

[+] tilt leather was created to provide you with superior design & function for your iPhone. With [+] tilt you get a mount, kickstand & earbud wrap.

[+] drive

Easily accessible from your dashboard or windshield. [+] drive is designed to provide you a secure magnetic mounting solution for your car.

[+] wallet

[+] wallet keeps your three most vital items- your iPhone, cash & cards-in one place, providing an elegant solution to a common problem.

Logitech’s Magnashield Technology offers protection from demagnetization. The [+] wallet works as a slim stand-alone wallet.

[+] energy

[+] energy allows you to stay stylish while having the peace of mind of power all day and night

2300 mAh of power
Free Mount system for easy installation & removal

Technical Specifications

System Requirements

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s

Warranty Information

1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Package Contents

Case [+] protective case
[+] tilt magnetic panel
[+] wallet
[+] drive car mount
[+] energy battery pack
USB Charging cord
Universal Adaptor
Dashboard Adaptor
Important Information Documents

Part Number

  • PN 989-000139


Case [+]
5” x 2.43”x 49”
[+] tilt
4.99” x 2.42” x .07”
[+] drive
2.46”x 2.53” x 2.33”
[+] wallet
110mm x 61.7mm x 4.5mm
[+] energy
4.63” x 2.43” x .68”