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Harmony Precision IR Cables

Harmony Precision IR Cables

$ 24.99

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  • Harmony Precision IR Cables
  • Increased accuracy

    These cables allow you to control with better accuracy up to eight of your sight IR devices.

  • For Harmony Hub

    Precision IR cables are designed to work exclusively with your Harmony hub. This includes Harmony Ultimate, Harmony Smart Control and Harmony Ultimate Hub remotes.

  • Rubber caps

    Self-adhesive emitters and rubber caps give you more precise control of your individual devices while reducing interference.

  • More precise control

    The cables work with your Logitech® Harmony® 900 RF system to help you get more precise control of up to eight out-of-sight IR devices—perfect for equipment on multiple shelves.
  • Works with Harmony 900 remote

    It’s designed specifically for and works exclusively with Logitech Harmony 900 Remotes.
  • Stick-on emitters

    You can attach the emitters to your devices with the included adhesive strips for more precise control of individual components.
  • Rubber covers

    They minimize interference and help prevent your other equipment from receiving unintended IR signals.
Harmony® Precision IR Cables
  • System Requirements

      Harmony Home Hub (Ultimate Home, Home Control or Home Hub) or Harmony Hub (Ultimate, Smart Control or Ultimate Hub)

  • Package Contents

    • 2- Precision IR cables
    • User Documentation

    Warranty Information

    1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

    Part Number

    PN 993-001218