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Harmony Premium Setup

Expert Setup and Extended Free Support

Harmony Premium Setup

Expert Setup and Extended Free Support

$ 29.00

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  • Easy Harmony setup just got easier

    Schedule a one-on-one session with a Harmony Guru and in 90 minutes or less your Harmony remote will be set up and ready.
  • We do the boring parts

    A Harmony Guru will install MyHarmony software and create your account for you.

     A Harmony Guru will temporarily access your PC or Mac computer remotely over the Internet to complete your setup, all while you watch.

  • Extended free phone support

    Buy Harmony Premium Setup to extend your free phone support period from 90-days to one full year.
  • We make it yours

    From one-touch Activities to favorite channels from your content provider, we can customize your remote to your preferences.
Additional Features
  • Get the most from Harmony

    Get advice on optimal positioning for Harmony Hub, pairing Bluetooth® devices, or adding advanced home control systems.
  • Remotely add and configure devices

    The Harmony Guru will download the right control codes from our database of over 270,000 devices directly to your remote.