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Harmony Premium Setup

Expert Setup and Extended Free Support

Harmony Premium Setup

Expert Setup and Extended Free Support

$ 29.00

Free shipping on orders over $49.00

  • Harmony Premium Setup
  • Easy Harmony setup just got easier

    Schedule a one-on-one session with a Harmony Guru and in 90 minutes or less your Harmony remote will be set up and ready.
  • We do the boring parts

    A Harmony Guru will install MyHarmony software and create your account for you.

     A Harmony Guru will temporarily access your PC or Mac computer remotely over the Internet to complete your setup, all while you watch.

  • Extended free phone support

    Buy Harmony Premium Setup to extend your free phone support period from 90-days to one full year.
  • We make it yours

    From one-touch Activities to favorite channels from your content provider, we can customize your remote to your preferences.
Additional Features
  • Get the most from Harmony

    Get advice on optimal positioning for Harmony Hub, pairing Bluetooth® devices, or adding advanced home control systems.
  • Remotely add and configure devices

    The Harmony Guru will download the right control codes from our database of over 270,000 devices directly to your remote.

  • System Requirements

      Please read the following terms and conditions for Harmony Premium Setup before booking your session and initiating a LogMeIn session granting Logitech access to your computer:

      By purchasing Harmony Premium Setup, you agree that actions and solutions described, suggested or implemented by Logitech are undertaken entirely at your own risk and are provided without warranties of any kind. Under no circumstance, including negligence, shall Logitech or any of its employees or representatives be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential or other damages, loss, cost or liability whatsoever that may result from or is related to use of Harmony Premium Setup as provided by Logitech.

      Before initiating remote access to your computer, Logitech recommends you close any applications that display personal or confidential information and that you remain at your computer to observe the entire remote-access session.

      Although unlikely, it is possible that details related to your computer, internet connection, entertainment devices or other parameters may prevent your Harmony remote from being completely set up to your satisfaction.

      90-minute, one-on-one setup session.
      Extended 1-year phone support.

  • Part Number

    PN 994-000038