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Harmony Ultimate One

Touch Screen IR Remote

Harmony Ultimate One

Touch Screen IR Remote

$ 249.99

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  • Harmony Ultimate One
  • Harmony Ultimate One
  • Harmony Ultimate One
  • Harmony Ultimate One
  • Your remote, evolved

    - Motion-activated backlit keys and touchscreen
    - Eyes-free gesture control
    - Vibration feedback
    - One-touch Activities for IR devices
    - Rechargeable
  • Simple to use design

    Both the screen and the backlit keys light up when the remote senses motion. A gentle vibration tells you a command is received.
  • Eyes-free gesture control

    Keep your eyes on your entertainment. Simple swipes and taps change channels, adjust volume, or control playback.
  • Make it your own

    Personalize the 2.4inch color touchscreen with frequently-used commands, Activities, and up to 50 channel Favorites.
Additional Features
  • One-touch Activities

    Touch an Activity like "Watch a Movie" or "Watch TV" and the right devices switch on with just the right settings.
  • Harmony compatibility

    Harmony Ultimate One controls up to 15 IR devices and is compatible with over 270,000 models from more than 6,000 brands. Look up your device
  • Power at the ready

    The charging station keeps Harmony Ultimate One fully charged and easy to find. No more hunting in the sofa cushions.
  • Easy online setup

    Harmony Ultimate One set-up takes only a few minutes at Harmony One users can even import their settings.