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Logitech Speaker System Z906

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THX Certified immersive surround sound

THX® Certified

These surround sound speakers have met strict performance standards to achieve THX certification.

Learn how Logitech and THX bring the theater to your home.

* THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd. which are registered in some jurisdictions.

1000-watt peak power

The Z906 5.1 speaker system delivers powerful, theater quality acoustics for your movies, music and games.*

*500W RMS power

Dolby digital sound

Hear every detail all around you in your Dolby digital or DTS encoded soundtracks.

* The word “Dolby” and the “Double-D” symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. DTS and the DTS logos are trademarks of DTS, Inc.

Digital and analog inputs

This speaker system offers flexibility to set up your system the way you want.  Connect up to six audio sources to this sound system.

Surround sound with 3D Stereo

Z906 speakers convert two-channel stereo into an immersive surround sound experience.

Easy-to-read control console

The stackable design fits in with your home-entertainment system and gives you control of volume, power, set inputs and more.

Technical Specifications

System Requirements

Music players
Blu-ray™ and DVD players
Game consoles
Other audio sources with digital optical, digital coaxial, RCA audio or 3.5 mm output

Warranty Information

2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Package Contents

  • Five satellite speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Speaker connection
  • Wire 6-foot (1.82-m) six-channel direct cable
  • Stackable control console
  • Wireless remote
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • User documentation

Part Number

  • PN 980-000467


Height: 11.5 in (293 mm)
Width: 11.1 in (281 mm)
Depth: 12.6 in (319 mm)
Weight: 19.8 lbs (9000 g)


Height: 6.5 in (166.3 mm)
Width: 3.9 in (100.3 mm)
Depth: 3.7 in (93.5 mm)
Weight: 2.0 lbs (890 g)


Center Channel
Height: 3.9 in (100.3 mm)
Width: 6.5 in (166.3 mm)
Depth: 3.7 in (93.5 mm)
Weight: 2.0 lbs (890 g)


Control Pod
Height: 11.5 in (293 mm)
Width: 11.1 in (281 mm)
Weight: 1.0 lb (476 g)


Remote Control
Height: 4.4 in (111 mm)
Width: 1.7 in (43 mm)
Depth: 0.7 in (18.9 mm)
Weight: (w/ Battery) 0.1 lb (67 g)

Technical Specifications

Total watts: (RMS) 500-W
Subwoofer: 165-W
Satellites: 5 x 67-W


THX® Certified
Dolby® Digital 5.1 decoding
DTS® decoding
3D Stereo (Surround sound from 2-channel sources)


System Frequency response: 35 Hz-20 KHz
On and off-axis frequency response shape: Per THX multimedia system specification


2 Digital optical inputs
1 Digital coaxial input
Six-channel direct input
RCA input
1 3.5 mm input


1 Control console, Stackable
4 Satellites, wall mountable
1 Center channel speaker, wall mountable
Subwoofer: Ported, side-firing
Infrared Remote

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