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Protective case

Wrap your iPhone 5/5s in a sleek, minimal case.


Tilt your screen to the perfect angle for typing, gaming, viewing, and video calling.

Magnetic mount

Pop your iPhone 5/5s onto the fridge for referencing recipes, stick it to a dry-erase board for brainstorming, or park it on a JustMount by the side of your bed as an alarm clock.

Earbud cord wrap

Wrap your earbud cords without skipping a beat. TidyTilt is always at hand, since it lives on the back of your iPhone. When you're done using your earbuds, simply wrap them over your iPhone, snap TidyTilt closed, and pop your earbuds right off. TidyTilt keeps your cords neat and secure, whether in a bag, pocket, or attached to your iPhone.

A color to match any style

Choose a TidyTilt Panel to coordinate with your outfit, or your mood. Available in 6 textured panel and black or gray case options.

iPhone not included. Actual product may differ.


System Requirements

  • Apple iPhone 5/5s

Warranty Information

  • 1-year limited hardware warranty

Package Contents

What’s in the box:
  • Logitech TidyTilt Case for iPhone 5/5s
  • Logitech TidyTilt Folding Panel for iPhone 5/5s
  • Quick-Start Guide

This product contains magnets which may interfere with pacemakers or other medical devices. If you suspect possible interference, please stop using the product and consult with your physician.
The product magnets may also interfere with the magnetic strips used on some cards, such as hotel keycards which are weakly magnetized. We recommend you keep this product separated from such cards.
Do not allow small children or pets to chew or play with the product. Please seek immediate medical attention if any parts of the product are ingested.
This product is designed to compliment your iPhone 5/5s. We recommend you check that the product and accompanying case are securely attached to the back of the phone prior to placement on a flat, magnetically responsive surface. Logitech is not responsible for damaged or broken phones.

Part Number

  • PN 939-000696
  • PN 939-000697
  • PN 939-000698
  • PN 939-000699
  • PN 939-000700
  • PN 939-000701
  • PN 939-000702
  • PN 939-000703
  • PN 939-000704
  • PN 939-000705
  • PN 939-000706
  • PN 939-000707

Technical Specifications

TidyTilt Panel:
  • Textured polyurethane fabric
  • Camera hole
  • 2mm thin when unfolded
  • Integrated magnets

TidyTilt Case:
  • Minimal design
  • Soft-touch coating
  • Anti-reflective camera hole
  • Integrated metal plate

TidyTilt Case

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