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Type - S

Keyboard Case

Type - S

Keyboard Case

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  • Type - S
  • Type - S
  • Type - S
  • Type - S
  • Exceptional typing experience

    The built-in keyboard with well-spaced keys and an optimized layout means you won’t have to “re-learn” typing on your tablet.

    - Easily connects with Bluetooth® wireless technology
    - Dedicated Android shortcuts let you control your tablet right from your keyboard
  • Designed for typing and tapping

    Type - S was designed to let you seamlessly interact between tablet and keyboard. The stable design protects your tablet from tip overs.
  • Smart power management

    Tablet and keyboard auto on/off means your tablet and Type - S is always ready when you need it.
  • Connect with Bluetooth technology

    Easily connect your tablet with Bluetooth wireless technology.
Type-S Keyboard Case in black
Additional Features
  • Essential Protection System

    Protects both sides of your Galaxy Tab S from accidental bumps, scratches and spills.