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X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker

X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker

$ 49.99

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  • X100 Bluetooth speaker blue
  • X100 Bluetooth speaker back
  • X100 Bluetooth speaker blue, orange, black, yellow, red
  • X100 Bluetooth speaker in use with phone
  • Rocking sound

    Crystal clear sound. Pump up the volume and enjoy!
  • Connect and play

    Wirelessly connect, stream music, manage phone calls and control volume.
  • Take it anywhere

    Perfect for life on the go. Take it on the road or relax and listen at home.
  • Design

    In five bold colors, this unique design is sure to turn some heads.
x100 Mobile wireless speaker
Additional Features
  • 5 hour Battery

    Enjoy 5 hours of continuous play without recharging. Recharge the built-in lithium-ion battery with the convenience of the included micro-USB cable and rock on.