Wave Keys Ergonomic Keyboard

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Feel the Wave

Wave Keys wireless ergonomic keyboard is shaped to feel instantly familiar, and keep you typing all day in a natural position.

Lift Yourself Up

Buy Wave Keys together with Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse to receive a free foldable bamboo laptop stand. This offer is available only on logitech.com while stocks last.

Wave Keys

Wave Keys



Logi Bamboo Laptop Stand

Logi Bamboo Laptop Stand

Person typing on Wave Keys Keyboard

Familiar typing.
Only comfier.

Rest your hands, wrists and upper body in a natural position as you type. With a curved keyframe design, Wave Keys feels instantly familiar and keeps you comfier for as long as you need.Compared to a traditional Logitech keyboard without palm rest

Three layers of cushioned palm rest

More wrist support.
Less pressure.

Not just a cushioned palm rest. Three layers of textural comfort work together to improve wrist support throughout the day.Compared to a traditional Logitech keyboard without palm rest

  1. Deep memory foam ensures daylong comfort that fits around you.

  2. A support layer disperses pressure throughout the day.

  3. Surface layer is both soft to the touch and easy to clean.
View from above at the Wave Keys keyboard and Lift mouse

Compact keys with all you need

Wave Keys’ compact frame allows you to bring your mouse closer to your body, placing your shoulder in a more natural position while using your mouse.Compared to a full-size keyboard.

Wave Keys keyboard and Lift ergonomic mouse in Rose

Love at first type.
Approved by ergonomists.

Developed and tested with The Logi Ergo Lab, and with the stamp of approval from United States Ergonomics, you can rest assured Wave Keys and Lift mean business when it comes to your well-being in the workspace.

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Tried and loved

What they're saying*

*Testimonials collected in a study commissioned by Logitech in which participants have received a free product

A Choice You’ll Feel Good About


Buy Wave Keys with Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse to get a Free Foldable Bamboo laptop stand

A wireless ergonomic keyboard with a cushioned palm rest, for natural, feel-good typing throughout the day.
Day-long comfort, great for small to medium-sized hands.
Have better posture with a laptop stand crafted from bamboo.


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