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Sometimes, all it takes are a few adjustments or additions to a setup to make learning accessible and fun for all students - regardless of age, learning style or location. The right solutions break barriers, allow students to collaborate without distraction, and ensure nourishing educational experiences are always within reach.


Their World.
Their Voice.

Logitech solutions give students the power to learn and find their voice by boosting knowledge, retention and achievement. Masterminds, doodlers, note takers, listeners, and presenters alike can all find the solutions - and the learning methods - that light up their world. 


Open Up Their World

A student's world unfolds when they have the ability to learn without boundaries, express themselves and embrace their unique learning style. From a mouse to an external keyboard, even simple tools can make a big impact on the learning experience.



Student with a dog sketching on iPad with digital pencil

At Home

When students are learning from home, the addition of a mouse, external keyboard and headset to a laptop ensure they can navigate, communicate, and focus effectively.

With a mouse, students may be able to scroll long web pages or navigate detailed apps with more control.

An external keyboard allows the laptop to be set at least 0.51 m away from the face and at eye level, preventing unnecessary eye strain. 

Give students a noise-canceling headset to drown out distractions from siblings to pets - and even parents!

An external webcam lets students see and be seen clearly by teachers and peers in other locations - they can even move the camera around to show different work.

3 kids using a keyboard and mouse


Students learn best when they can express ideas in their own way. Give them a choice in how to work and interact with learning material. 

An iPad keyboard case with multiple use modes and angle flexibility empowers students to use their iPads in multiple ways based on the moment.

A Crayon literally puts choice in the palm of students' hands, letting them take handwritten notes, draw, work out math problems and more - with no pairing needed!

For in-school assessments, a wired keyboard provides the functionality and security needed.


Teaching online with a whiteboard and headset

At Home

When teaching remotely, educators need to ensure that all students can see and hear them clearly to grab - and keep - their attention. 

External webcams let teachers show different fields of view and allow the use of whiteboards or other materials for a more natural teaching and learning experience. They may be mounted on a monitor or a tripod for further flexibility.

A noise-cancelling headset blocks unwanted background noise at the teacher's location so students hear the teacher clearly.

Students using an iPad for in classroom instruction


Maximize the in-person experience by ensuring teachers are heard by all students - and all students are heard by the teacher. Take things even further by enabling creative ways for teachers to collaborate with students.

Positioning standalone microphones throughout the classroom, lab, or other space makes sure every voice is heard, every time.

The Crayon lets teachers move through the room, making notations directly onto individual students' iPads with no pairing needed - they simply start writing!

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